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Who can put a price on this kind of pristine beauty? Apparently any lakefront owner can, and the numbers are astonishing.

Waterfront Living in Iowa? The Prices Could Sink You


If it’s winter, and you want a vacation, you head to warm and dry Arizona or Palm Springs. Summertime treks are closer to Des Moines, and involve a nice lakeside cottage at Panorama, Clear Lake or Okoboji-Spirit Lake.

Yes, some people will go to Missouri and the Lake of the Ozarks. And many travel to Minnesota — after all, there are a lot of lakes there. But for the sake of convenience alone, these three Iowa lake sites are the bigger draws.

Panorama wins the prize for convenience, as its eastern shore lies within an hour’s drive from Des Moines. With 1,160 acres of water, Panorama is the largest private lake in Iowa. There are beaches, but recreational boating appears to be its big draw. It also has a good golf course.

Panorama is the newest of these three lakes, and as such it still has some open lots. Dave Ryan, owner of Country Realty LLC in Panora, estimates that about 100 waterfront lots remain available. Prices range from around $150,000 upward.

For developed properties, Ryan says $305,000 appears to be the cheapest currently available. You can spend up to $1.2 million if you’re in the mood. Some townhomes and condos are available at the south end of the lake, but availability is limited.

Clear Lake and Okoboji-Spirit Lake have way more inventory for rentals, but as they are both considerably older than Panorama, they have virtually no undeveloped waterfront property. So you’ll have to buy an existing home, and prices at both places are at a premium.

Mike Jensen of Jensen Real Estate in Arnolds Park says the lakes that make up the Spirit Lake complex stretch over 21 miles of shoreline. Each of those miles is sold off in 50-foot chunks, at $13,000-$20,000 per foot of shoreline.

For this price you can dip your toes into some of the clearest waters around. "The water quality is spectacular," Jensen says of the spring-fed lakes, with depths of more than 100 feet and a rock bottom.

Clear Lake is much shallower and just a single body of water. It’s just as popular a destination with Des Moines vacationers, and likewise has no undeveloped waterfront property left.

Jennifer Kopriva, with Triad Realty in Clear Lake, says the demand for property has remained solid for years — the area barely saw a slowdown during the recession of 2008-2009. Average waterfront home sale prices in 2017 topped $600,000, and Kopriva said there currently are eight homes listed at more than $1 million.

Serious money, indeed. But it all goes to a serious cause enjoying life.
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Legacy Bridge

Europe Takes the Lead in Protecting Your Data

About those emails popping up from European companies you do business with: They’re for real. And they reflect a further tightening by the European Union on how those businesses will use information they have collected from you when you buy a flight with a European airline, or book a hotel room, or even attend an opera in Italy and buy your seats online.

Europe’s GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation — was updated last month, prompting the privacy notices. News sources say the intent is to give European citizens better control over all the data that’s currently collected during online transactions. The new policies require companies to be explicit in their efforts to seek consent from consumers before collecting their personal information. Companies also have to give consumers easy access to their own data, and to delete that data if the customer requests it (it’s called the right to be forgotten). And importantly, companies have to notify users within 72 hours of any data breach.

This is way ahead of where American companies are, and could serve as a useful guideline for them. U.S. firms that do business in Europe have to adopt GDPR, but not for their stateside operations.
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801 Chophouse

The 2018 Sages Over 70 will find themselves among some august names from past years.

Nominations Open for 2018 Sages Over 70

Reward the local mentors, civic leaders and role models who have influenced you by nominating them to be honored as Sages Over 70. Through their creativity, talent and vigor, such people have helped our community grow and flourish.

Business Publications' dsm magazine honors these remarkable achievers every November in print and in ceremonies with our annual Sages Over 70 designation. And we want your help in choosing them. To nominate a leader you know, return this nomination form by July 1. The nominee needs to be age 70 or older and should meet the spirit of these criteria:
  • Has demonstrated leadership through decades.
  • Has contributed and still contributes to the betterment of the community.
  • Has been a role model and mentor to others.

Sages honored in previous years: James A. Autry, Chuck Betts, Margo and Don Blumenthal, Richard "Red" Brannen, J.C. "Buz" Brenton, Joe Brick, Donald Brush, Robert Burnett, Mary Campos, Joyce Chapman, Monroe Colston, Judith Conlin, Roxanne Conlin, Joy Corning, Patty and Jim Cownie, Paul Danforth, Johnny Danos, Phil Dorweiler, Elaine Graham Estes, Michael Gartner, Nolden Gentry, E.J. Giovannetti, Willie Stevenson Glanton, Barbara Graham, Edgar Hansell, H. Lynn Horak, David Hurd, Vernon Johnson, Gary Kirke, William Knapp, Mary Kramer, Elizabeth Kruidenier, Robert Larsen, Elvin McDonald, Polly Moore, R.W. and Mary Nelson, Kenneth Quinn, Robert Ray, Stan and Jody Reynolds, Stephen W. Roberts, Loretta Sieman, Neal Smith, Tom Urban, Jack Wahlig, Fred Weitz, Alan Zuckert.
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Who Will Take Over Your Business – and Do They Even Want To?

Nine trillion dollars in wealth and assets will land in the laps of Gen Xers and millennials within the next 10 years. Are they ready? > FULL ARTICLE

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