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ChopTalk – It’s about more than bacon!

Did you know that Iowa leads the nation in pork farming?
Or that there are 147,000 full- and part-time jobs created by the Iowa pork industry? And yet, with pig farms in every Iowa county, not many of us have been on a pig farm or had a chance to talk with a pig farmer.

Join Laurie Johns for ChopTalk — an informative podcast that takes you inside the world of Iowa pig farming. She’ll take you along on her journey across Iowa visiting with experts in animal care, nutrition and the environment.  You’ll meet the men and women who raise pigs while practicing the Iowa values we all share and who are stewards of their communities.

Pig farming has changed a lot and yet it remains one of the most misunderstood industries in Iowa. It’s time to change that! Check out ChopTalk with Laurie Johns. It’s about more than bacon!
You can listen to ChopTalk on or your favorite podcast app.

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