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Welcome to dsmWealth, a twice-monthly source of useful, actionable information for readers with substantial personal assets. The valuable insights you'll find here will sharpen the management of your personal wealth and stimulate productive conversations with your own trusted financial advisers. In addition, we'll share thoughts on savvy philanthropy and opportunities for stylish, satisfying acquisitions.
dsmWealth comes to you from dsm and our sister publication, the Business Record. Longtime financial editor Steve Dinnen, right, will write and manage the publication. Over the years, Dinnen has covered business and finance for The Des Moines Register, the Indianapolis Star and Meredith's Family Money, among other publications.

In upcoming issues, dsmWealth will bring you valuable information for economic growth with peace of mind, covering such topics as:

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Marlis Gilbert
Marlis Gilbert, co-founder of Gilbert and Cook, Inc.

Wireless investing opens a new world of security threats

Do you trade stocks online, or even look at your portfolio in an electronic format? Do you move money around online? Going paperless means going wireless, which has opened up a new world of opportunity for criminals to hack, phish, spoof and otherwise thieve their way into your financial life.

In response, financial industry regulators are developing guidelines to push back against cybercrime. In the meantime, companies are taking matters into their own hands; Urbandale-based wealth management firm Gilbert and Cook is just one example. In past years the annual ladies' luncheon the company sponsored might feature some lighthearted fare such as spring planting tips from an area gardening expert. Not so at the latest gathering slated for May 12: Cybersecurity is front and center with a guest speaker on fighting identity theft. Now that everyone has migrated huge amounts of their financial information to the internet, Gilbert and Cook wants clients to be aware of what they face and give them tools to fight back.

Like any firm that handles sensitive financial data, Gilbert and Cook is mounting a several-pronged effort to head off trouble. It is educating clients, by way of luncheon talks. It is continually bolstering its defenses against attack and deception (it will not, for instance, transfer any money without a verifying telephone call from a client). And it is taking measures to ensure that the businesses that deal with the firm have likewise protected themselves.

"That's not something we had to do in the past," company co-founder Marlis Gilbert said of some of the security measures. But the new reality is that everyone is a potential victim, so everyone merits a defense shield.

Helping out in this effort is Charles Schwab & Co., which is the custodian for securities held by Gilbert and Cook clients. Schwab has devised a 58-point cybersecurity checklist that it and Gilbert and Cook run through to ensure that their defenses are as robust as they can be (and adaptable to the ever-changing world of cybercrime).

Schwab is one of several vendors to Gilbert and Cook, and all of them (accounting, for instance, or document systems) have to have their own security measures in place, and be subject to testing. 

So far, there have not been any reports of security breaches of Des Moines-area financial industry firms. That doesn't mean that evildoers haven't tried. If so, they've been thwarted by proactive steps taken by firms that used to simply invest your money and now find they have to guard it, as well.
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Whitfield & Eddy Law
801 Chophouse

Global Entry
Adventures in obtaining global entry

You've ended a successful business trip to China and are heading home. After spending half a day on an airplane you land at O'Hare International Airport, where your jet-lagged body now has to plod through an exceedingly long line in a stuffy, cheerless arrivals hall to await a passport agent.

There should be a better way to welcome you home. In fact, there is. Global Entry will let you go to a special, shortened line because you've proved to authorities you can be part of what they call their Trusted Traveler program.

The qualifying process is easy. Set up an account at the Global Online Enrollment System website — — pay $100, and provide needed information such as date of birth, travel patterns, any criminal convictions, etc. If you pass, you schedule an in-person interview. This is the lone hassle, as the nearest interview sites to Des Moines are Kansas City and Minneapolis. I opted for Chicago, where a six-hour drive to O'Hare was followed by a four-minute interview. The lone query was why had I been in Tunisia (a business trip, I explained). The interviewer took my photo and immediately issued Global Entry numbers to me and to my wife, who had likewise applied.

A week later when we came through Miami on the way back from South America, 99 percent of our fellow passengers queued up at the regular passport control line while my wife and I strolled to the Global Entry kiosk. We scanned our passports, smiled for photos and handed the printouts to a passport control officer. Total time spent was less than that interview at O'Hare.

And here's a bonus: Global Entry status includes TSA Pre-Check. So even if you never leave our shores, you get to go through that expedited security line when boarding a plane. Keep your shoes on! Don't unpack that laptop!

Global Entry alone will not likely stir you to jet off to Bali or Rio. But it will make the return home just a little
less tiring.

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