Advice, words of wisdom, hopes for Iowa women in new year
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JANUARY 2, 2023
Good morning, happy Monday and hello 2023!

To continue our mission of helping to empower you to succeed in work and life, we’re celebrating the new year by sharing columns by Iowa women, who each wrote about their hopes, dreams and things to keep in mind for women’s advancement this year. We're running excerpts of half of the columns in the newsletter this week, and we'll run the other half next Monday. If you'd like to read ahead, though, you can find all of them on our website now.

At the bottom of the newsletter, we’ve also compiled a list of ways you can help kick off 2023 on the right foot.  

Have a great week (and year)!

– Emily Kestel, Fearless editor

In 2023...
Advice, words of wisdom, hopes for Iowa women in new year
To usher in the new year, we asked more than a dozen women who live across the state to write about their hopes, dreams, and things to keep in mind for women’s advancement and gender equity.

Together, their columns provide a holistic view into the various barriers, experiences and challenges that women face. Topics featured in their submissions include women in leadership, supporting small business owners, self-care, higher education, women in political office, self-advocacy, maternal health and mental health.

Enjoy, and happy New Year!

– Emily Kestel, Fearless editor

We must work more quickly to advance women in leadership | By Amy Eaton
Women in leadership roles have made modest progress from 2017 to 2022, but are still far underrepresented in the workforce. Women of color are even more underrepresented in leadership roles. In 2023, I have hopes that we will go somewhere more quickly.

We must continue to support women small business owners | By Emily Steele
We have so much room to help make women's dreams of business ownership a reality. Women are exceptional. My vision for 2023 is to hear more women boldly proclaiming their dreams and asking for the help they need (connections, dollars, resources, you name it) to make their dreams a reality.

We must practice real self-care in order to make a real difference | By Seeta Lee
We cannot feel empowered if we're exhausted, hungry and dehydrated. When we prioritize our basic needs through self-care, we have the energy, strength and mental sharpness to make a real difference in what’s going on around us.

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We need more women to run for public office | By Karen M. Kedrowski
In 2023, a record number of women will serve in the U.S. Congress, as governors, and in state legislatures. Even with these historic gains, women, who are a majority of voters, are still woefully underrepresented as elected officials. We as a society need women to run and serve.

We recognize that women who major in business can help change the world | By Amy Kristof-Brown
As organizations embrace social responsibility as an increasingly important mission, business schools offer alternative paths for improving the lives of others. An education in business offers women tremendous opportunities to drive change by understanding and influencing the major economic engines at work in our society.

We must continue to create solutions to improve women’s economic self-sufficiency | By Dawn Oliver Wiand and Deann Cook
The trait of Iowans to get on with what’s necessary without disclosing the depths of their personal challenges may mean we are not aware of these individual struggles. That doesn’t mean Iowa women are "fine."

We must learn to be our own best advocates | By Karen Mackey
As women, we have been told for most of our lives to be quiet, to sublimate our desires and needs for the needs of others. While we can do an amazing job of advocating for others, many of us cringe at the thought of standing up for ourselves and asking for what we deserve.

In the headlines
TV journalist Barbara Walters, who blazed a trail for women in a male-dominated industry, died at age 93. Walters was known as the co-creater of ABC's "The View," and was the first female anchor of a network news program.

With Hy-Vee’s latest leadership changes,
Donna Tweeten is the first woman to be named a president of the company. Tweeten will oversee Hy-Vee’s private brands, merchandising, marketing, digital initiatives and its new retail media network. Previously, she served as executive vice president, chief marketing officer.

Self-taught British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who played a key role in the punk movement,
died at the age of 81. She also used her platform as a climate and social justice activist.

The U.N. Security Council on Dec. 27 decried increasing restrictions on women’s rights in Afghanistan, urging the country’s Taliban rulers to reverse them immediately.

Worth checking out
6 victories for women’s rights in 2022 (Time). 5 things to remember when someone you love is leaving domestic violence (Black Iowa News). The married-mom advantage (The Atlantic). Who will care for the ‘kinless’ seniors? (New York Times).
Iowa women still make up less than one-third of C-suite
Graphic by Lauren Burt.
The majority of Americans believe it’s more likely that self-driving cars will be a normal mode of transportation before women make up half of the CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, according to a recent survey.

There’s good reasoning behind their thinking. As of May of this year, 44 women are at the helm of Fortune 500 companies – and that’s a record. For those calculating, that checks out to a paltry 8.8%. While that’s six times their share two decades ago, when there were seven, the road to parity is a long one.

In Iowa, the proportion of women at the highest levels of leadership has risen by 4% in the last dozen years. The latest data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission shows that women continue to hold fewer than a third of executive-level leadership positions in Iowa’s private sector.

The EEOC requires periodic reports from employers across the country about the gender and racial makeup of their workforces. Data from the 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 reports, which details private companies with 100 or more employees and federal contractors with 50 or more employees, was used for this article.

Women in Iowa have consistently made up 46% to 47% of the private-sector workforce in the state, according to the EEOC. Yet the rate of women in leadership positions is far below that.

Women hold about 40% of midlevel management positions in Iowa. At the executive level, that rate drops to 31%.
How to kick 2023 off on the right foot
A screenshot from NPR's Life Kit Resolution Planner.
I’m not sure where the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions came from, but I unapologetically take part in it every year in one way or another.

I’ve written down intentions, selected words of the year, taped words of encouragement on my walls, created new habits and collaged vision boards.

There’s no right way to set goals or intentions for the coming year – and there are many people who don’t do this at all, which is also totally OK – but if you happen to be in the "new year, new me" mindset, here are a few resources that may help you kick 2023 off on the right foot:

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